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Ray and Nancy has authored a number of books and publications in the topics of love and relationships.

Stages of the Soul: God's Invitation to Greater Love

How can you tell if you’re actually growing?

Sure, when you’re working on getting rid of a huge character flaw you can see progress, but do you ever wish you had a roadmap for the spiritual journey for the rest of the time? Do you ever feel spiritually dry—or like something’s just not working anymore in your spiritual life? If you find yourself longing for more satisfaction, joy, and intimacy with Christ, this book is for you.

Stages of the Soul is about making tangible spiritual progress. It’s about truly understanding—understanding like you’ve never understood before—that you are deeply loved. Nancy Kane walks you through five stages of the soul’s journey toward embracing God’s love. As you learn about each stage you’ll be able to:

  • identify where you are in the process of spiritual growth
  • understand the role of pain and suffering in your life
  • experience God’s love in the radically deep way you were designed to experience it.
“Quite frankly, Stages of the Soul is one of the best books on spiritual formation - particularly for an evangelical audience - written in the past twenty five years. Read it slowly, carefully, and receptively. The result, I believe, will be the formation and transformation Jesus continually offers to us.”
Chris Hall, President, Renovaré

From Fear to Love: Overcoming the Barriers to Healthy Relationships

Learn how to recognize and destroy barriers to authentic love.

Reaching out to another in love has its risks. It means making yourself vulnerable, taking the risk that you may experience rejection or worse. But, oh the blessings! Ray and Nancy Kane have been there and have come out on the other side of fear. In From Fear to Love, they speak honestly of the process of moving from the bondage of fear to the confidence of giving and receiving authentic love. Drawing on the biblical example of true, genuine love, the Kanes will help readers move past their hurts and into fellowship with God, their spouses and others.

“Ray and Nancy Kane open up their hearts, sharing their own pain as well as their counseling expertise in the struggle to fully experience the love that drives away our fears. This book will take your heart by the hand and lead you to love in ways that break the bondage of fear. As God's Word says, love casts out fears. From Fear to Love may just be what a fear-gripped heart is looking for. Read it and rejoice!”
Dr. Joseph Stowell, President, Moody Bible Institute

Living Drama-Free Workbook

As therapists and helping professionals, we desire to find creative ways of entering into the therapeutic process and to positively create a safe environment where positive growth and change can occur. Many of us are looking for helpful tools and approaches that can be used to guide our clients in creative ways and assist them in addressing their concerns, leading to finding relief for their pain. The focus of this program is to assist our clients in becoming more self aware, less reactive and empowered to address those drama that consistently perpetuate their plan.

Participants who complete the program will be able to:

  • Describe the genesis and major components of a relational drama
  • Provide a methodology of how to help clients identify their major problematic emotions of fear, anger and sadness and how their intensity and defensiveness impacts their ability to positively problem solve with others
  • Understand and identify the eight major relational drama patterns
  • Realize the importance of encouraging others with humility and empathy
  • Integrate the program’s specific approaches and methodologies with the helping professionals’ own practices so as to enhance efficiencies and effectiveness

Living Drama-Free Card System

Reducing the Dramas in Your Life has been designed as a comprehensive communication and problem-solving approach that expresses timeless principles for the building of healthy relationships. This communication system consists of 35 cards that teach us how to resolve difficult relational dynamics and dramas. It also teaches us how to reduce those drama patterns that inevitably drain the life and productivity out of relationships and organizations. This package of material could be used individually, as a couple or a small group format and  consists of:
  • Comprehensive Workbook
  • Discussion Guide
  • 35 Cards available in hard copy