Corporate Training

Business Consultation & Executive Coaching

Why Choose Ray

Ray’s unique combination of being a clinical therapist and business executive has equipped him in developing programs designed to help organizations realize their greatest potential and to motivate their employees by building teams that work well together and to train their supervisors to become effective leaders.


We offer a variety of workshop topics and training adapted to the needs of your business and ministry. Through workshops and executive coaching we cover a broad range of topics including but not limited to:

  • Emotional Intelligence – The avenue to reducing dramas in the workplace

  • Dealing with Difficult People Without Becoming Triggered

  • How to Become a Healthy Organization

  • A COVID-19 Approach – Helping healthcare organizations find healing and wholeness

Program Details

"Your" organization

Ray believes every person in your organization is a majority. When the worth, competency and belonging of an employee is valued they will naturally become a motivated and productive team member.

A healthy organization is committed to training and equipping their supervisors to become effective leaders, communicators and problem solvers by increasing their emotional intelligence.

We have developed a systematic and practical approach to achieving the expressed goals and objectives of becoming a healthy organization that both serves your employees as well as your clients.

First - Measure and assess each person for the purpose of pinpointing the specific problems and issues that are keeping you from building a positive corporate culture.

Second - Train and equip each employee with the skills necessary to become a better communicator and problem solver.

Third - Provide small group experiences that will facilitate learning and practicing the principles being taught.

Fourth - Provide coaching for those attending the group sessions to help them master and apply the principles in order that they can become in house trainers.

Any corporation that desires to make the proper investments in their employees has the potential to reap significant dividends on their investment.