Marriage Intensive

One or Two Day Options Available

What We Believe About Marriage

Marriage is the place where we believe God can do some of His best work. He desires that each partner learn that it is more important to become, in healthy ways, what your spouse needs than for them to become what you want. Learning how to love unconditionally is a life long endeavor. Finding the right coach and guide who has the ability to intimately understand your unique combination of challenges is not an easy task. As a couple having been married for 43 years, we have worked hard and have learned a lot about what it takes to build and maintain a healthy marriage. We love seeing couples learn how to remove the road blocks out of their marriage and allowing them express more fully what it means to be kind, caring, compassionate and considerate towards each other.

Program Summary

The program is structured as a one-on-one with a couple over two six hour days. We have found the best use of our gifts, talents and faith expressions are most fully experienced when there can be uninterrupted focus on the unique problems and issues each couple brings to their marriage.

We purposefully keep the time flexible in order that we might be sensitive to explore and address the fundamental reasons why a couple is struggling in their marriage. Our goal is to move a couple from their levels of discomfort to gaining important insights that would then lead to developing pragmatic action steps on to experiencing real and lasting change. Some of the areas we explore with couples include:

  • Hallmarks to a healthy relationship
  • The process of growth and change
  • Understanding yourself and your spouse
  • How one’s faith influences your purpose for marriage
  • Principles guiding the attachment and bonding process
  • One’s life story and the traumas that have impacted your life
  • How to communicate and problem solve more effectively and efficiently
  • How to identify and express your feelings in healthy ways
  • The signs and symptoms of being emotionally triggered

Tangible Expressions of Love

“Key Traits That Mark a Healthy Relationship”

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