Online Course

Living Drama-Free is an Innovative Approach to Establishing Healthy Communication Patterns and Effective Problem Solving Skills.

Program Overview

The Living Drama-Free online course is designed to empower and motivate people from all walks of life. As a self-directed course, the goal is to help guide individuals, married couples, small groups, licensed professionals and their clients learn the language and develop the knowledge base that can enhance the quality of their connections with others.

The online course is made up of 35 cards and a workbook that is best described as a comprehensive communication and problem solving matrix designed to help individuals learn how to unlock from the dramas in their live. A major goal of this program is to assist individuals in knowing how to nurture and maintain healthy relationships.

The course includes:

  • Engaging slides with audio voiceover that explains more fully the card system and diagrams
  • Exercises to apply the content
  • Brief quizzes to assess mastery of content
  • Upon completion of the program a certificate is awarded for Licensed Professionals seeking 6 Continuing Education Credits

Program Objectives

Be able to identify the origins and major components that make up a drama pattern
Understand how the unresolved emotions of anger, sadness and fear along with intensity and defensiveness will perpetuate a drama pattern
Be able to evaluate current work and personal experiences in light of the fundamental principles of the Living Drama-Free program
Apply the fundamental principles of the program into daily life experiences resulting in an ability to more effectively problem solve with others
Learn how to encourage others with humility and empathy helps increase their capacity to address life's challenges

Program Benefits

Profoundly Simple Principles for Living

Some have said that this program is simple and yet profound. Each principle can be expanded to deeper and deeper levels yet can easily be understood in a straightforward manner depending on one's personal choice or needs.

Learn about the universal life-coping principles

Living Drama-Free can be best viewed as a gift that can be taught, learned and implemented for a lifetime.

Personal Growth and Development Resource Center

The online course has been flexibly designed to give you the optimal opportunity to learn and practice the program's principles.

Online Course Pricing

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The course will include viewing of:



The course will include access of:



Hear from those who have benefitted from the program

“Very informative presentation. Highly useful materials and tools ready to employ with a variety of clients.”
Karen S., L.C.P.C.
“I think this course would be highly beneficial for teachers, administrators and related service providers in the school setting.”
Ira F.
“I particularly appreciated the fact that information was compiled and presented in a very professional way. Also, the information was explained and dissected very well. Great seminar!”
Paula T. L.C.S.W.
“I thought the explanation (of this program) was fantastic. Also, Ray interacted wonderfully with each individual. This would be beneficial to not only working with my clients but also with family and friends.”
Jessica S., Social Worker
“Excellent and profound. Essential knowledge and skills for all.”
Rhonda S., R.N.
“Superb! Very informative and transformative. A workshop that will change the way i live and interact.”
Katherine J., Ph.D